How To Treat Painful Breasts Before Your Period

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If you are a woman, you know all about the aches, pains and problems associated with PMS. One of those problems is painful breasts before your period. Many women find that their breasts are swollen, sensitive or even painful right before their period. So, you are certainly in good company, if you suffer from that problem.

Hormone Levels:

As a woman, you have to know that your hormone levels are always changing. At peak times, however, those hormonal changes can be more severe and pronounces. Such times include right before, during and right after your period. Those hormonal changes can trigger your body to hang onto more water weight, which can create swelling and soreness in your breasts.

Breast Pain And Food:

There is also a relationship between breast pain and food. For example, you shouldn't eat too much salt right before your period. Eating excessive amounts of salt will only signal your body to retain even more fluid. So, that will only serve to add to your hormonal water retention problems.

Another issue is caffeine. Caffeine dilates blood vessels and allows them to hold more moisture and swell up. That can occur all over your body, but it can be particularly uncomfortable in your chest region. So, it's best to always limit your caffeine intake.

Breast Pain And Stress:

Stress is another problem that can contribute to breast pain before menstruation. Stress releases stress hormones, which, when added to your already imbalanced hormone levels, can cause bigger problems and more aches and pains. So, it is important to stay as calm as possible.

Treatment With A Natural Supplement:

Natural supplements, such as Period Vitamin, are becoming increasingly popular for treating period-related issues. The supplements can be made up of all sorts of vitamins, minerals and herbs that can keep your body strong each month. In fact, here are some of the best herbs, vitamins and minerals to treat breast pain and other period problems.

Evening Primrose For Swelling:

Evening primrose is one herb that is known for relieving swelling and tenderness, especially in the breasts. In fact, Native American people have been using evening primrose for a number of years to relieve various medical ailments. Some of those ailments include cramping, general aches, pains and even depression.

Magnesium For Hormonal Balance:

Magnesium is a mineral that is essential when you are suffering from premenstrual symptoms, such as breast pain. That's because it can help to balance your hormonal levels. In fact, it can also relieve muscle tension, as well as help evening primrose to work more effectively. So, the best idea is to use the two together.

Chasteberry For Gland Control:

Your pituitary gland is responsible for releasing certain hormones, especially around the time of your period. So, if you have painful breasts before your period, you definitely should take a supplement that contains chasteberry. In fact, it might help you to say good-bye to a number of other hormone-related PMS and period symptoms at the same time.
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How To Treat Painful Breasts Before Your Period

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This article was published on 2011/09/11